I've always loved “Barney's" as a restaurant name and looked forward to meeting the friendly owners of this eatery. I imagined the place would be decorated in bistro brown with a long wooden bar and warm lighting. I was right about the look, but surprised by Eline and Ron Huijbers' responses to my questions.

Had the Dutch couple visited New York City or somewhere in the U.S. with a plethera of Barney's eateries, to come up with the name? “Sorry, we've never been to New York City," said Ron. “One night, before we opened the restaurant, I dreamt about meeting Barney from the Flintstones. The dream was so powerful it made me bolt upright in bed. It was like a sign from above and at that very moment, I knew that “Barney's" would have to be the name of our restaurant." Sitting beside Ron, Eline giggled, somewhat embarrassed about who would believe her husband's story. However, her adoring gaze prompted me to ask how the two met. “At a bar one night" said Eline. “Ron had a date that stood him up and I just happened to be sitting next to him at the time. We started talking and have been together ever since. One year later our daughter Emely came along, so we've been busy running the restaurant and Emely running us."

You'll find Ron most nights behind the bar chatting with patrons, while Eline welcomes diners and ensures everyone has a delicious plate of food on the table. The fun menu includes international cuisines as well as home cooking with a wide range of fish, meat, poultry and pasta dishes. The parmesan grouper is a popular favorite, along with the homemade “Chocolate Explosion" (Reviewed by Island Gourmet) for dessert. Theres also a special menu with a variety of treats for the kids. Barney's “Rib Night" offers all you can eat ribs for those caveman-sized appetites. “A guy from Cincinnati broke the record last May by consuming four racks of ribs," says Ron. “We hear big boasts of beating that record, but it's still on the wall"

Barney's also has schnitzel, grouper and steak theme nights, as well as group specials. So wether you are looking for a casual date night or a fun night out with the entire family, Barney's should be a place to visit while in Aruba!